Philips Hue

Light your home smarter with Philips Hue

Imagine being able to turn off all your lights with one click. Discover the magic of transforming an entire room from study to home cinema with one tap. Or maybe use your lights to make it seem like you are home when actually you’re not. And when you are home, choose the right light setting to help you concentrate better or relax after a tough day.




Create the right atmosphere to match your mood

With light you can easily change the atmosphere of any room. Whether you want to add colour to your interior, set the right light for functional tasks, throw an outdoor party or create a cosy mood for dinner, you can easily personalise your light and ambiance with Philips Hue. Choose from all shades of white and 16 million colours and find the one that matches your mood.





Feel secure with Hue smart lighting

Light makes us feel safe, and a home with the lights on indicates that people are there. Maximise the impact of light with Philips Hue to add to the safety of your home, even when you are not there. It even works with other smart home products such as cameras, smoke detectors and doorbells for more security.

Have the lights turn on automatically when you arrive in the dark, or mimic your presence with lights switching on randomly when you’re out. Simply control your lights from anywhere.



Light that gets you through the day

Daily tasks and activities get a lot easier with the right light. Philips Hue is there to help, whether it’s to wake you up, get you energised during breakfast, help your kids concentrate when doing their homework or provide the right light setting for reading or relaxing at the end of a busy day.





Sync your lights with films, music and games

Watch, listen or play in new and exciting ways as your favourite video, audio and gaming effects fill the room with Philips Hue Entertainment lighting, bringing spatial awareness and immersive to a whole new level.





Light that wakes you up gently

Waking up can be tough, especially on dark winter mornings. With Philips Hue you can mimic the sunrise to help you wake up more naturally, no matter how dark it is outside. In the Philips Hue app you can easily set up your wake-up and go-to-sleep routines, to help you get up more energised and go to bed more relaxed.






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