SDA Consulting Project


We were approached by SDA Consulting to survey and produce a report showing the annual cost of lighting to examine if switching to LED lighting would be beneficial.


With a total of 49 fittings we replaced the existing lighting in the male and female toilets, ground floor and first floor offices with our 595mm x 595mm x 11mm LED panels and 240mm x 11mm round LED downlights.



By replacing the existing 4 x 18w fittings, which used 103.6 watts to the 39w Lucid 60 panel, we have been able to reduce the annual running cost from approximately £1500 to £500.

  • 64 % SAVINGS
  • 82.79 TONNES
  • 2.2 Per Year

Services Used

  • Consultation and Strategy

  • Lighting Report and Visual Design

  • Finance Modelling

  • Luminaire Supply

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