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The first- and second-floor offices in Great Places’ Didsbury premises were fitted with a range of traditional CAT2 fluorescent light fittings and 50w halogen lamps. The total energy expenditure was 24.99kWh hour. Assuming regular office hours (12 hours a day, five days a week), the lighting was costing Great Places £7768.80 every year.


We replaced the old fixtures with a number of new LED light fittings, primarily from Allied’s popular Lucid range. The total energy expenditure for the two floors after the lighting installation was only 7.8kWh. The new LED lighting will cost Great Places just £2402.40 a year.


The new LED lighting solution in the Great Places Didsbury office has provided the staff with increased lighting levels and a pleasant, neutral tone. The lights no longer flicker or buzz, reducing the risk of unpleasant side effects from working in poor-quality light, such as headaches, migraines and eye strain.

Great Places is saving 17.2kWh on its lighting alone in just one hour, an average cost saving of £1.72 for every hour that the lights are on. Assuming regular office hours, the total saving over one year would be £5366.40.

  • 69 % SAVINGS
  • 14.29 TONNES
  • 2.9 Per Year

Services Used

  • service one

    Consultation and Strategy

  • service two

    Lighting Report and Visual Design

  • service three

    Finance Modelling

  • service

    Luminaire Supply

  • icon five

    Install and Recycle

  • service four

    Lighting maintenance and warranty

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