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Most homes, even new builds, are fitted with standard incandescent lamps, which expend a great deal of energy, cost the home-owner more in bills, and require regular maintenance and replacements. 4life Homes developed a range of low-carbon homes, which meant that they needed LED lighting suitable for a comfortable, homely environment.


4life homes now feature energy-efficient LED lights from Allied’s most popular ranges, including the Lucid range, and the 10w Allied Globe, which is a direct replacement for the traditional 60w bulb, LED tube lights and the popular range of super-bright compact floodlights.


4life homes are now fitted with a range of bespoke, low-energy lighting from Allied, offering optimum comfort and convenience with just a fraction of the energy expenditure associated with traditional incandescent bulbs.

We have a range of lighting solutions to suit every home. These range from the homely, natural-white globe lights, with a fresh tone and increased light levels indoors, to the vivid, bright-white, compact floods, which are a great option for outdoor security lighting for car parks, gardens and driveways.

  • 77 % SAVINGS
  • 0.73 TONNES
  • 1.4 Per Year

Services Used

  • Consultation and Strategy

  • Lighting Report and Visual Design

  • Finance Modelling

  • Luminaire Supply

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