Cardinal Newman College Project



Cardinal Newman College’s St Augustine building was fitted with 60x8ft fluorescent lamps, using 7.2kWh and running for a hefty 5876 hours annually. With a total energy expenditure of over 40,000kWh per annum, the energy-inefficient lighting was costing the college almost £3000 in energy costs every year.

The 60 fluorescent lamps also required a great deal of maintenance – an average of £825 a year. Combining energy and maintenance for the energy-guzzling fluorescent lights, the college was spending around £5,232 every single year.


We replaced the old fluorescent lights with Allied LED tube lights, selected for their high quality and competitive price. Saving a total of 4.26kW every hour and requiring no maintenance, these low-carbon lights cost just £1623 per year


The lower running costs of the energy-efficient LED tube lights in the St Augustine building, combined with the now negligible maintenance costs, make an annual saving of over £2500. At this rate, Cardinal Newman College will recoup the cost of the LED lights and the installation in under three years, and will continue to make considerable savings in the future.

The new LED tube lights have provided an increased light level, excellent uniformity and a fresher, more neutral tone, with a full lumen output from the moment they’re switched on. Unlike the fluorescent lights, they don’t flicker or buzz, nor do they contain any harmful substances: they pose no risk if broken or damaged.

Allied arranged for the old fluorescent lights to be collected by a reputable recycling company and disposed of in accordance with current environmental legislation. Cardinal Newman College can now boast a better environmental footprint, with lower energy output and lower CO2 emissions.

  • 63 % SAVINGS
  • 13.79 TONNES
  • 2.7 Per Year

Services Used

  • Consultation and Strategy

  • Lighting Report and Visual Design

  • Finance Modelling

  • Luminaire Supply

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