AK Stainless Steel Project



The client’s premises contained 97x400w SON High Bays in a large open-plan area. Our survey found the site was consuming 213,059 kWh and 116.12 tonnes of CO2 a year. Also, the existing lighting was providing only 109 lux, which needed to be improved for the type of work taking place


After a trial period using the Allied 120w High Bay against a number of competitors’ 150w equivalent, we were awarded the project. After installing Allied Lighting luminaires, consumption dropped to 58,107 kWh and 31.67 tonnes of Co2 a year. As well as saving energy consumption, there was a vast improvement in lighting levels, which achieved an average of 215 lux. We also installed the fittings, working through the night to minimise disruption for the business.


After we installed LED luminaires, the firm enjoyed a 73% reduction in energy consumption and reduced CO2. In total, our LED range achieved a 154,952 KWh and 84.45 Co2 tonnes a year saving and the project achieved a 2.1-year payback. The luminaires are expected to run for years and are backed by Allied’s product warranty. We also helped the client fund the project and claim government tax incentives.

  • 63 % SAVINGS
  • 65.04 TONNES
  • 1.2 Per Year

Services Used

  • Consultation and Strategy

  • Lighting Report and Visual Design

  • Finance Modelling

  • Luminaire Supply

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