Google Home Hub Max

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Video Calls

make video calls to loved ones, and stay in sight when you’re multitasking with auto-framing

Video Messages

Leave video messages for friends and family on nest hub max and other compatible devices

Being part of your home means respecting your privacy.

Check in while you’re out.

Keep an eye on things at home during the day with the built-in Nest Cam. Check in for a live view and get motion and sound alerts on your phone. With a Nest Aware subscription, you’ll get continuous video recording, and more.

Hone View

Forget about switching between apps. Manage your compatible connected home devices, such as smart thermostat, lights, and more, from dashboard or with your voice.

Symphony-quality sound.

Stream music from apps such as YouTube Music, Spotify, live radio and more. Listen to news, podcasts and audiobooks. On the premium stereo speakers, everything sounds great.

Proactive notifications

Face Match recognises you and displays your relevant notifications — not everyone else’s. Get personalised information like upcoming events, video messages, and more.

Which Hub is right for your home?

Discover the differences between the Google Nest Hub and the Nest Hub Max.