Allied Beacon 60

Specification PDF

Product Overview

Allied Beacon 60 is a slim high lumen output panel with a microwave sensor to allow the luminaire to only be lit when needed to increase savings and duration. The sensor utilises a ‘twist and lock’ connection and is time delay and distance adjustable. An energy efficient, flicker free LED panel that has been specifically designed for schools and offices with a unified glare rating of less than 19 (UGR<19). LG05:Lighting for education and LG07:Lighting for offices compliant. IES/LDT files available on request.


  • 36 watt – 3300 lumens – 595 x 595 x 12.5mm

Colour Temperature

  • WW – 3000 – 3500k
  • DL – 4000 – 4500k

Certification and LDT files available on request