Allied Haze Linear Highboy

Specification PDF

Product Overview

Utilising refractor lens control to provide an accurate distribution of light, Haze Linear Highbay is perfect for a host of application including Warehouses, Retail Outlets, Showrooms, Exhibition Venues, General Applications and Sports Halls (IK08 Compliant). Haze Linear Highbay offers the full benefit of class leading LED lighting; light quality, long service lifetime, excellent UGR performance, reduced energy consumption and maintenance.

IES/LDT files available on request.

Wattage Specification

  • 136 watt – 23200 lumen – 1135 x 279 x 59mm
  • 204 watt – 34800 lumen – 1695 x 279 x 59mm

Colour Temperatures Available

  • WW – 3000 – 3500k
  • NW – 4000 – 4500k